The Raggedy Edge…

There’s a pretty simple reality: A person is at their most dangerous when they have nothing left to lose. This is more than a tag line for a summer blockbuster action flick – it’s truth.

The same thing goes for society. When the masses have been under a state of constant oppression – and by oppression I mean on many levels – from the truly horrific things such as blacks unjustly incarcerated or simply shot because of the color of their skin to the middle class seeing prices go up, wages stagnate, and the rich getting richer off their backs – there finally comes a point where they will feel they have nothing left to lose.

Take a look around. We now have a sexual predator with an agenda to make himself and his friends richer occupying the highest office in the land. Congress is stacked with rape apologists who are part of that rich elite looking to get richer and help their friends get richer.

You are seeing the beginning of the end game for everyone and it is starting with women. These assholes in office are doing their damndest to roll back any progress we have made as a society, and most especially, any progress women have made. They are systematically attempting to take away rights gained in a bid to protect their patriarchy and continue the subjugation of women – sometimes based on an outdated fictional book of parables, sometimes just because of money, but always because they are afraid.

They are afraid that if women (and “minorities”) are equal, then rich white men (or just white men, for that matter) just might suffer the same indignities they have perpetrated upon same. They fear it because they know deep down that they would damn well deserve it.

The end game is going to be long. It’s not going to be pretty. But it is starting. You are seeing it right now. Women know they have nothing left to lose at this point. They are not about to let this world turn into a real life Handmaid’s Tale.

So, don’t be surprised if the woman standing next to you turns your way, looks you in the eye, and says, “Come with me if you want to live.”

More to come…


The Leading Horse Is White…

I’ve got me a big old depression on, as well I should have.

You see, our TV is about 25 years old and the horizontal O/T is acting up, not to mention the focus divider is relatively unfocused, and color guns in the CRT are drifting into an acid trip of psychedelic haze. I mean, I love me some Stana Katic on the screen, but when she’s blurry and sorta bluish like those silly-ass Avatar aliens, well… Not my thing, yaknow?

What does that have to do with a line from a song? (Aphrodite’s Child – 666 for you young’ns who didn’t get the reference in the title.)

Well…. The Rapture, of course.  I was going to nab myself a free 50″ LED Flatscreen after folks went on up to heaven. I mean, what the heck? It’s not like they would be needing them anymore.

Of course, I guess I was being a little too honest.

“What?” you ask. “You were going to steal from Raptured Christians? How’s that being honest?”

Easy enough to answer yet again. Like I said, they weren’t going to need them anymore. Basically, I was being the honest and upstanding sort because I was waiting for the folks to be gone and not coming back. If that was the case then it would sort of be like finding some lost property, reporting it, and then waiting the appropriate amount of time for it to be claimed. When said claiming didn’t happen (or could be proven to have no chance of occurring – duh, rapture) it would be mine. Completely legal.

Had I been the dishonest sort I would have run an ad in the paper, or just gone knocking on doors looking for sheeple who bought into Camping’s BS and convinced them to give me their stuff. After all, they wouldn’t be needing it anymore, so it should be an easy sell. According to the news, apparently it was an easy sell for some not-so-honest types out there. Folks were giving crap away left and right.

I guess I just stood in the wrong line.

Damn me and my scruples. Guess that’s why I’ll be stuck here playing polo with the horsemen.

More to come… (Until October 21st, of course…)