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The “Mahwage” Mini-Series

Written By: M. R. Sellars

The Infamous MAHWAGE blog mini-series menu

“Maaahhhh-wage, is what bwings us too-gevver, tooo-dayuh…”

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly Princess Bride. Inigo Montoya wasn’t there,  and neither was the Dread Pirate Roberts (any incarnation or franchise). Still,  the story of how I met my wife, courted her and eventually married her, is replete with all of the comedic, semi-slapstick, sitcom moments any one relationship can bear. Told in 12 parts, with a little bit – okay, a whole lot – of sugary sap thrown in to sweeten the deal, not to mention pictures of me before I was old. Yeah, okay, and pictures of my wife too. You’ll get no argument from me. I’d much rather look at her than myself.

At any rate, since the story was originally told over a period of a month, and in 12 separate blog entries, folks who are new to Brainpan Leakage have asked for an easier way to follow the thread since there are random entries in between the “chapters”… Or, since we are on the net would that be “wapters?”… Or, of course, it is a blog so we could be talking “blapters,” or maybe even “blogters”… Well, whatever you want to call them,  here is a menu with links to each of the entries.

  1. Mahwage: What’s A Nice Girl Like You…
  2. Mahwage: Love At First Sight…
  3. Mahwage: Money I Don’t Have…
  4. Mahwage: So I Have This Idea…
  5. Mahwage: Goin’ To The Chapel…
  6. Mahwage: Mobile Bachelor Party…
  7. Mahwage: The Wedding Suit…
  8. Mahwage: Clink! Clank! Oh, Murv!
  9. Mahwage: Fool For Your Stockings…
  10. Mahwage: Trick Or Treat!
  11. Mahwage: Where’s Everybody Going?
  12. Mahwage: Whores Duh-Voarz…


  1. […] As you are all well aware, E K  and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary on Halloween this year. Many of you already know there is a long and involved story behind the courtship, wedding, and our forgetting that costumed kiddies would be knocking on our door during the ceremony – the ceremony and reception were both held at our house. For those of you who may be new to this blog, you can read about it here (if you so desire) – The Mahwage Blogs […]

  2. […] of you who have read the “Mahwage” mini-series of blogs here at Brainpan Leakage already know that I was dopamine wonky, […]

  3. […] At any rate, if you are REALLY interested in reading the stories of love, hardship, silliness, and other general disasters that come with getting hitched, you can find the entire 12 part saga on Brainpan Leakage, my general humor and satire blog: THE MAHWAGE CHRONICLES […]

  4. gretchen ganas says:

    would love to see this sounds like a hoot

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