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    Photo Courtesy Kat Sellars © 2015

    A member of the ITW (International Thriller Writers), M. R. Sellars is a relatively unassuming homebody who, in his own words, “tells pretty lies for a living.” Although his penchant for creating fiction began at an early age, he was eventually inspired to pursue a degree in journalism, an endeavor he describes as, “a good chase, even though it got away.” His career plans re-routed, he put a secondary talent – electronics repair – into play. However, this did not deter him from writing and he soon re-focused on his first love, fiction. While he had several short stories appear in minor publications, it wasn’t until 2000 that his first full-length novel, Harm None: A Rowan Gant Investigation, hit bookstore shelves, officially launching the acclaimed paranormal thriller series and its associated spinoff.

    All of the current novels in Sellars’ continuing Rowan Gant Investigations saga have spent several consecutive weeks on numerous bookstore bestseller lists as well as a consistent showing on the Amazon.com Horror/Occult top 100. In 2010 a short e-novella featuring a supporting character from the RGI cast spawned a new series, The Special Agent Constance Mandalay Novels, the first full-length book being IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER, which hit the streets November 2011. The second, INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE is slated for release 2016.

    Sellars currently resides in the Midwest with his wife, daughter, and a houseful of rescued animals – a population which currently stands at one canine (Vicki the Wonder Dog) and three felines (Nachos el Tigre, Mak the Klaw, and Roxanne). He often describes the fluctuating menagerie as, “the competition.” At home, when not writing or taking care of the household, he indulges his passions for cooking and home brewing.

    M. R. Sellars can be located on the web wherever there is a virtual bar serving virtual single malt Scotch, single barrel bourbon, good Irish whisky, and decent beer. In other words, look for him on the major social networking sites.

    For more information contact wendy@willowtreepress.com


    • Birthdate – February 20, 1962
    • Birthplace – Fulton, Kentucky
    • Married to Kat Sellars – 10/31/87 to Present
    • 1 Daughter





    (Partial Lists)

    SF/Fantasy/Mixed Genre

    • Archon – Saint Louis, MO – Panelist, Author/Pro Guest 2005-2015
    • StormieCon – Saint Louis, MO – Author Guest of Honor
    • Name That Con – Saint Louis, MO – Panelist, Author/Pro Guest
    • WillyCon XI – Wayne, NE – Author Guest of Honor 2009


    Alternative Spirituality

    • Heartland Pagan Festival – Kansas – Guest of Honor 2002, Guest of Honor 2003, Author/Pro Guest 2007
    • Festival of Souls – Memphis, TN – Guest of Honor 2003, 2005, 2010, 2011
    • Pagan Unity Festival – Burns, TN – Guest of Honor 2001 – 2011
    • Florida Pagan Gathering – Ocala, FL – GoH (Spring) 2004, GoH (Fall) 2004, GoH (Fall) 2005, GoH (Fall) 2006, GoH (Fall) 2007, GoH (Fall) 2011
    • TAWN Fall Festival – Tucson, AZ – Guest of Honor 2007
    • Earth Warriors Festival – Clarksville, OH – Guest of Honor 2007, 2009
    • ConVocation – Detroit, MI – Author/Pro Guest, Panelist 2003, Guest of Honor 2004, Guest of Honor 2011, GoH 2015
    • Phoenix Phyre – Florida – Author GoH 2015

    And countless others…