The Raggedy Edge…

There’s a pretty simple reality: A person is at their most dangerous when they have nothing left to lose. This is more than a tag line for a summer blockbuster action flick – it’s truth.

The same thing goes for society. When the masses have been under a state of constant oppression – and by oppression I mean on many levels – from the truly horrific things such as blacks unjustly incarcerated or simply shot because of the color of their skin to the middle class seeing prices go up, wages stagnate, and the rich getting richer off their backs – there finally comes a point where they will feel they have nothing left to lose.

Take a look around. We now have a sexual predator with an agenda to make himself and his friends richer occupying the highest office in the land. Congress is stacked with rape apologists who are part of that rich elite looking to get richer and help their friends get richer.

You are seeing the beginning of the end game for everyone and it is starting with women. These assholes in office are doing their damndest to roll back any progress we have made as a society, and most especially, any progress women have made. They are systematically attempting to take away rights gained in a bid to protect their patriarchy and continue the subjugation of women – sometimes based on an outdated fictional book of parables, sometimes just because of money, but always because they are afraid.

They are afraid that if women (and “minorities”) are equal, then rich white men (or just white men, for that matter) just might suffer the same indignities they have perpetrated upon same. They fear it because they know deep down that they would damn well deserve it.

The end game is going to be long. It’s not going to be pretty. But it is starting. You are seeing it right now. Women know they have nothing left to lose at this point. They are not about to let this world turn into a real life Handmaid’s Tale.

So, don’t be surprised if the woman standing next to you turns your way, looks you in the eye, and says, “Come with me if you want to live.”

More to come…


Census Schmensus…

I can actually understand the reason for a census. It makes sense, it really does. Some of the questions that some of us will be asked, however, I do have problems with.

But, that’s a different topic and one that I will deal with myself.

Right now, I’m interested in the money.

Now, since I know that a census is necessary, I know that the money has to be spent to take one. No biggie there. But, by the same token, I also know that we have a huge deficit, a president who is trying to pay for health care reform and a bailout (for which he is not ENTIRELY to blame), and we deal every day with a bastardized version of what our government really should be. However, my personal politics aren’t the issue here either… Hell, I’ve made no secret that I wrote my wife’s name in on the ballot during the last presidential election because I didn’t feel confident in any of the candidates.

No… We’re just coming back to the money…

So, although the CIA / NSA / HS data miners will probably add me to the terrorist watch lists for having the gall to post this blog, I have a question:

How much did it cost taxpayers to send out this letter and was it REALLY necessary?

Yeah, okay, that was two questions… But, come on folks. Between paper, envelopes, postage, printing, electricity, and everything that was necessary to accomplish this “pre-emptive warning of impending census” don’t you think maybe we could have paid for a few of those “snow days” or something like that?

More to come…