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What’s happening In M. R. Land today?

Until otherwise noted, I am systematically and/or haphazardly arranging nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, articles, prepositions, punctuation, and the like into coherent (so I tell myself) phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and eventually chapters. Rinse, repeat…


Notable Wordslinger Birthday(s) This Month:

(If you know of a notable writer birthday not listed here, feel free to email me the info and I will add it to my list.)


8/03/1954 Victor Milán

8/13/1899 Alfred Hitchcock

8/19/1902 Ogden Nash 
8/19/1921 Gene Roddenberry
8/20/1890 H. P. Lovecraft 
8/20/1920 P. D. James
8/22/1920 Ray Bradbury
8/24/1951 Orson Scott Card
8/30/1797 Mary W. Shelley 


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