Who Am I And What Is Brainpan Leakage?

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My name is M. R. Sellars. Most folks just call me Murv. I make up pretty lies for a living. That is to say, I am a fiction author. A writer of paranormal thrillers, in particular a moderately popular series known as “The Rowan Gant Investigations.” If you really and truly want to know, you can find out more about me on the official “who the hell is this guy” page (aka Who’s In There?)…

But right now let’s talk about this blog.

There are times when “making things up” doesn’t fully satisfy the need to fling words into the void. I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either, but on occasion I have a burning desire to tell a true story – well, mostly true… At other times I simply want to reminisce, wax prophetic – and even poetic – (in my own humble opinion), ramble like a lovesick puppy about my amazing wife (whimsically and lovingly known as Evil Kat… You’ll find MANY stories about her evilness in this blog), brag incessantly about my equally amazing and brilliant daughter, or even just go off on a tangent (or rant) about the life of a professional writer and/or life in general.

I discovered that keeping these non-novel appropriate strings of words bottled up wasn’t all that good for my health, because you see, they began leaking out. At first they were just a drip or two on my collar every now and then, but before long they became a verbose stain on my pillow, which I found every morning when I awoke. It became obvious that I was afflicted with a severe case of Brainpan Leakage.

So, rather than ruin any more pillowcases, I did the only thing I could do. I began to blog on Myspace. As it turns out, some folks out there found my ramblings to be entertaining, which I suppose makes said personages a bit twisted too, but don’t tell them I said that.

The rest is, as they say, an exercise in arbitrary thought aggregation in order to form a coherent and interesting paragraph. Well… maybe they don’t say that, but I do…

At any rate, I suppose what I am really trying to tell you is this:

Welcome to my world… A bizarre little place where random silliness abounds… Where I tell stories that have a firm foothold in the truth, but have been embellished for the sake of entertainment. And, when the silliness that fortifies the stories is finished making me crazy it leaks out here to drip, or even sometimes flood, onto your screen. Bits and pieces of sometimes thought provoking, often humorous, occasionally acerbic, and almost always tongue-in-cheek verbiage, all of which is meant to entertain, occupy, and at rare moments, even enlighten.

Take it for what it is, and read nothing more into it… Sometimes, a blog is just a blog.

And so, to borrow a phrase from Capt. Malcolm Reynolds, Here we are, on the raggedy edge…”