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Times, they are a changin’…

Once upon a time I would pack my suitcase, brave the scrutiny of the power drunk rent-a-cops hired by the TSA, and then jet all over the country (coach, of course) to do book signings, chats, and seminars.

While I still do that to an extent, a combination of emerging technologies and bottoming out economies has made a radical change to how authors handle appearances. I am talking, of course, about virtual touring

So, in a blind embrace of technology… Well… Not exactly blind… I do try to keep one eye open so I can try to catch E K sneaking up on me (not that it works, mind you)… Anyway, the point here is, I Skype™ (among other things, but we won’t go there right now…)

So, if you:

  • Run a book club

  • Schedule library chats

  • Are looking for a guest blogger

  • Want to schedule a chat for a classroom full of creative writers

  • Need a motor-mouthed guest for a podcast

  • Are looking for any other Virtual Author Appearance sort of thing

I’m available… In other words, just consider me a modern day Paladin – “Have WebCam and Headset, Will Chat…”

Drop me a line and we’ll Skype™

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